LEAD TIMES: Battery cases, deletes, speaker terminals, basic backplates, LOUD fuse blocks are 1-2 days. Battery wraps are 1 week. LED backplates, Louder and LED fuse blocks, are 2 weeks. Most Bass Knobs ship within 1 day of ordring PRO Graphix knobs are up to 1 week lead time. Anything that is custom is subject to 4 week lead time. International shipping may add additional fees after you order.

Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)
Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)
Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)
Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)
Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)
Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)
Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)
Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)
Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)

Wireless Bass Knob (bluetooth)

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LAF has partnered with The Amp Lab to bring you the wireless line controller (Bluetooth bassknob)!  We are currently only offering the WLC+ (see description below)  Standard order will include the LAF design you see in the photo, magnetic mounting base, and the RCA block.  You can change that to any of the pre designs from my pro graphix line up, or you can request something custom (for a fee).  The knob holster seen in the photo is an add on.


The WLC+ has all of the same features as the standard WLC, PLUS: RGB Lighting, Safe Mode, and Adjustable Sensitivity!


 Firmware V2.1: 

  • Added Low Voltage Hold - Pressing in on the knob will toggle display between Current Voltage and Low Voltage Hold. ("Mute" feature was removed when pressing the knob)  The low voltage hold resets automatically every 5 seconds.
  • Added Sleep Mode - Automatic power-saving mode helps extend battery life.  Two conditions will put the remote into sleep mode.  1: If the base module is powered off (vehicle or head-unit shuts off), and there is no change in the controls on the remote for 1-minute, the remote will automatically enter Sleep Mode.  Powering on the base module, adjusting the knob, or turning the power switch off, then on again, will wake-up the remote.  2: If the base module remains powered on, but there is no change in the controls on the remote for 1-hour, the remote will automatically enter Deep Sleep Mode.  Adjusting the knob, or turning the remote off, then back on will wake the remote from deep sleep mode.  Sleep Mode does not completely shut down the remote like the power switch does.  It will still consume a small amount of power, but Sleep Mode can help extend the battery life to up to 35 hours! 
  • Updated Voltage Display - Voltage reading font is now slightly bolder and the font is smoother.  Also, when voltage readings are out of range (7-17V), or the remote does not have a connection to the base module, the display will read "--.--" instead of an incorrect reading.



  • WIRELESS! (of course) Bluetooth 4.0 LE Technology = No wired connections to remote level controller needed
  • RGB Lighting with 7 solid color options, plus 3 effects settings
  • L.E.D. Illumination Brightness Control
  • Low-Voltage Hold.  Pressing the knob will toggle between current voltage and the lowest recorded voltage (Resets if voltage does not drop any lower for 5 seconds)
  • OLED display shows Audio Output Level (graph and numerical), Vehicle voltage, Low-Voltage Hold, Battery Life Indicator, and Wireless Connection Indicator
  • Safe Mode.  When active, Safe Mode will automatically mute the audio level as soon as connection with the remote is lost for any reason.  Saving your equipment!
  • Adjustable Sensitivity.  Adjusts the amount you need to turn the knob vs Change in audio output.  Choose from 3 settings: Low, Medium, High 
  • Full analog audio In-Out.  No audio signal is converted or transmitted via Bluetooth
  • High-quality digital potentiometers  
  • High-quality "Tiffany" style RCA connections
  • Up to 25 feet of range
  • USB-C Charging
  • Built-in Sleep Mode.  Up to 35 hours of battery life with automatic power-saving sleep mode.
  • Battery protection (over discharge, over-charge, short circuit, over-current)
  • Wide frequency response (10Hz-50kHz)
  • Magnetic mounting plates for easy docking and removal


The Wireless Level Controller consists of two major parts.  The BASE and the REMOTE.  Aside from a few simple electrical connections, (B+, Ground, Remote), the base module of the WLC has standard RCA Input and RCA output connections just like a conventional level control knob such as the standard LAF, LC-1, etc.  The RCA Input connects to your source unit (head unit, DSP, etc).  The RCA Output connects to your amplifier.  The remote connects to the base module via a very low latency Bluetooth LE 4.0 wireless connection.  When the knob on the remote is turned clockwise or counter-clockwise, a signal is sent to the base to raise or lower the audio output level.  The audio signal is not transmitted wirelessly or converted in any way.  It remains fully analog in and out of the base module.

If the remote becomes disconnected from the base module (powered off, battery dies, remote moves out of range), the audio level will remain at the point it was at when the remote lost signal.  This also allows you to set the audio output at a comfortable listening level and not have to have the remote powered on constantly.  It will remain at the same output level, even if the base module is turned off and back on.  However, if Safe Mode is turned on, the audio output will automatically mute if the remote loses signal with the base module for any reason.

The OLED display of the remote also provides useful information such as;

  • Vehicle Voltage with Super Fast Refresh Rate and Low Voltage Hold
  • Audio Output Level with Numerical and Bar-Graph Display
  • Wireless Connection Indicator
  • and Remote Battery Status  


BASE Module

 Operating Voltage: 9VDC - 16VDC

 Active Current Draw: < 1A

 Standby Current Draw: < 1mA

 Max. Audio Input Voltage: 5.0V

 Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50kHz



Power Supply: 3.7V LiPo Battery (2.9V-4.2V)

Charging: USB-C, 5VDC

Charge Time: 3-4 hrs

Battery Life: 

- Without Illumination = up to 18 hrs 

- With Illumination = up to 11hrs

- Sleep Mode can extend battery life up to 35 hours (from full charge)

Rotary Encoder Life Cycle: > 30,000 Revolutions

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